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Sellers are obliged to build and finish a building, with a flat (apartment) as its part with the following basic standards and equipment:

• Outer walls are made of CRO TERMO BLOK brick, 25 cm thick and partition walls of brick, 8 and 12 cm thick.
• Interior plaster as Baumit gypsum-lime, 1-2 cm
• The facade consists of expanded polystyrene panels, 50 mm thick and with a final touch according to the design
• Granite stone (window sill, etc.)
• External and internal ceramic is chosen by the customer to a retail price value of 100 kn/m2 of bathroom and utility room, 110 kn/m2 of a residential room
• Parquet flooring – laminate, retail price up to 90 kn/m2
• Fences and handrails made of stainless steel
• Bathrooms are equipped with a central boiler, water capacity of 80 liters, and kitchens with a 10 liter capacity boiler, manufacturer "Gorenje" and "Electrolux", bath tub and a shower, manufacturer "Kolpa-san”, toilet with a wooden toilet seat and porcelain sink, pillar taps, manufacturer “Armal” or “Grohe”, white bathroom sanitary accessories
• Central satellite, digital and analog antenna, one port for each in every apartment
• Internal phone wiring, 1 port and the extension for external connection
• Interior doors are hand-made, and the doors to the apartments burglary and fire safe
• Electrical installations consist of switches, "earthed" sockets in all rooms
• Possibility of air conditioner installment (if desired) with a preparation and installation in the living room (dining room)
• Complete external joinery - PVC, insulated glass 4-16-4 with aluminum shutters on all windows
• Parking space (property) indicated by the same label as the corresponding flat
• A garden: leveled, enclosed by a wall, partially filled with earth
• Each apartment has its own independent connection with the electricity and water meter
• Warranty: Ten years for the general condition of the building including the roof, other equipment installed, according to manufacturer's warranty.

The difference in price for potential customers' desires for the apartment or garden furnishing outside of these conditions, is to be paid by the customer.

FINANCING (payment method)

Apartment price: 1 800,00 €/m2

according to calculation coefficients:

• Closed residential area c=1,00
• Loggia c=0,75
• Covered terrace c=0,50
• Open terrace c=0,25
• Covered balcony c=0,50
• Open balcony c=0,25
• Parking space c=0,25
• Garden c=0,10

Payment Dynamics:

1. In the preparation phase

The construction of each house will be executed after at least 2 potential buyers in each house book their apartments. After the above condition has been met, a building permit is to be obtained.
Prior to submitting the request for a building permit, potential buyers have to pay an advance of 10% of the total value of the apartment.

2. In the construction phase

• An advance of 10% (buyer who booked their apartments have already paid the advance)
• 50% when signing a pre-contract (40% + an advance 10%)
• 10 – 20% 30 days after the first payment, 10-20% 30 days after the second payment, etc. up to a total of 90% of the value of the apartment, depending on the period since the day when the pre-contract was signed to the day when the building is finished
• 10% when concluding the purchase agreement, i.e. when the building is completed, final settlement done and the takeover between the buyer and the Investor finalized

3. The building completion phase and afterwards

• an advance of 10%
• 90% (80% + an advance of 10%) after signing the purchase contract or pre-contract
• 10% when concluding the purchase agreement, i.e. when the building is completed, final settlement done and the takeover between the buyer and the Investor finalized

4. Early payment

If the buyer decides to pay the amount of 90% of the agreed price before the building is completed, a discount of 0,5% of total value is granted for each month of the early payment.


Deviations of  + / - 2-3% from the planned area are possible.
The garden and the parking space are assigned to each flat (apartment) on the basis of studies of the condominium as an inseparable part of the apartment and registered in the land registry as such.

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